About Us

We’re an Australian Internet Business, advertising holiday cabin property re-sales & rentals.
Here at Holiday Cabins, we specialise in holiday properties around Australia. Our mission is to connect people from around the world to resell or rent out your holiday cabin property and reach a wide, targeted audience.

Reselling Your Holiday Cabin

Whether the holiday cabin isn’t right for you, or perhaps you are wanting to buy somewhere else, if you are looking to sell on your home, this is the place to do it.

We know how inconvenient the selling process can be, and want to make it as easy as possible. We connect you with interested buyers from around the world, so you don’t have to advertise far. Let us do the hard work and bring in the buyers, while you just add your holiday cabin to our site and sit back and relax.

Renting Your Holiday Cabin

We understand that you can physically enjoy your holiday cabin all year round, but that doesn’t mean you should let it sit there empty.

Put your holiday cabin to work and earn some money in the process while another family enjoys the perks your home has to offer.

This means, you can still travel to your holiday cabin whenever suits you and your family and/or friends, and you simply list the dates it is free on our site and aim to have it filled the rest of the year. It’s no inconvenience to you and you have the added bonus of making some money on the side.

Interested in Buying?

Are you ready to pack up the kids and jet set off on your next vacation, but aren’t sure where to go? We can help!

If you are ready to commit and buy a holiday cabin of your own that you can enjoy whenever suits you, we have a number of homes listed from all around Australia. Find the perfect place in the perfect location to enjoy holiday after holiday. Choose the amount of bedrooms you need, swimming pool, location, and more and start packing those bags. Who doesn’t love being able to relax and unwind in the perfect holiday spot?

We are dedicated to providing buyers & sellers of holiday cabin properties with an easy to use one-stop shop.